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We offer a large selection of Control Boards of Top Brand Gate Operator Manufactures. If you can not find the circuit board you need, please contact us.






Power Master




Mighty Mule

Allstar / Linear

OSCO / Linear




Replacement for Main Electronic Circuit Boards for most brand of Gate Openers, Gate Operators and Garage Door Openers, Brands like Power Master, Eagle, Elite, SEA,Viper,Victory, Solo,  Crusader, LiftMaster, Larko Leader, Bravo. When selecting The Circuit Board look at every detail most of them look alike but are actually very different, this Electronic Boards and any Electronic Equiptment are not returnable if you are not sure or the photo is not clear enough contact us before you make your order,even if the Control Board has been Discountinue we might be able to match it.

Elite-Q223   Elite-Q223      Elite - Q206    Elite - Q206

 Elite-Q400  Elite-Q400    Elite-Q019   Elite-Q019

 Eagle-Diamond  Eagle-Diamond SEA-Orian  SEA-Orian

Crusader-R-200ACrusader-R-200A Crusader-R-200 Crusader-R-200

Crusader-C300  Crusader-C300  

Crusader-9.0discountinued) Crusader-9.0discountinued)

V-E Barcon-Power Master P-1500   V-E Barcon-Power Master P-1500  

   Stanley PT325-326,UT350 SD320-350-450-550, GD350-355,RD350

   Old Power Master PRB3 Circuit Control Board                                   

Old Power Master PRB3 (Discountinued)  Board Replaces the PRB2 and the PRB3  PRBSS 


   This is for Old Power Master found in RSG RSW not available Discontinue

New Power Master GSMCB02 New Power Master GSMCB02  For Residential units


 New Power Master GSMCB01New Power Master GSMCB01     For Commercial units

 Falcon Timing Boardt ACT  Falcon Timing Boardt ACT

Falcon Board-Power Master SS10TPU    Falcon Board-Power Master SS10TPU   Has been Replace by SS12PTU

Falcon SS6PTU Power Master  Falcon SS6PTU  Power Master Has been Replace by SS12PTU

Power Master SS7Power Master SS7

Intelligate "Ramset" Main Control Board Intelligate "Ramset" Main Control Board

Viper Board    Viper Board      Victory Board   Victory Board

Bravo Board  Bravo Board

SEA GATE 1 BoardSEA GATE 1 Board SEA Taurus BoardSEA Taurus Board


 SEA Pro-Board Old GATE-II Board

 Solo New Model Solo New Model Solo Old Model Solo Old Model

   Larko Leader-LP-1000 Larko Leader-LP-1000

Lift Master Mega Arm MA-001  Lift Master Mega Arm MA-001  

Model 1601 Doorking Barrier Gate Model 1601

  Might Mule 500-502  Pro SW2500-2 Pro SW 3000-3200   Pro SW4000-4200

Genie 20380R Intellicode Decoder                   Genie Sequencer Circuit Board 31184R
Receiver Circuit Board 
Genie Internal Receiver                                               Genie Sequencer Circuit Board 34463R.S
Board 12 Dip Switch 25648R   
Genie Sequencer Circuit Board 20384R                Genie Sequencer Circuit Board 31181R
Genie Sequencer Circuit Board 34019R                  Genie Internal Receiver Board 20437R.S
Genie Sequencer Excelerator                                    Linear AAE00341
Coaxial Control Board 34019T                            Garage door opener circuit board 

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