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HySecurity StrongArm 14F Barrier Gate Operator HySecurity StrongArm 14F UPS Barrier Gate Opener
HySecurity StrongArm 20 Barrier Gate Operator HySecurity StrongArm 20 UPS Barrier Gate Opener
HySecurity StrongArm 28 Barrier Gate Operator HySecurity StrongArm 28 UPS Barrier Gate Opener
HySecurity StrongArm 36 Barrier Gate Operator HySecurity StrongArm 36 UPS Barrier Gate Opener

StrongArm is HySecurity’s multi-use, hydraulic barrier arm gate operator. It is designed for ultimate performance, reliability, durability, and low maintenance. This operator is best suited for sites requiring long and heavy arms (up to 36 feet), high reliability, synchronization with other HySecurity operators, spanning airport
runways, or controlling traffi c across wide openings. StrongArm is often found on corporate campuses, Department of Transportation applications, government facility parking lots, and multi-family residences. StrongArm easily synchronizes with every HySecurity operator for highly eff ective anti-tailgating measures.

Industrial Grade Components
StrongArm solves the problems common to most barrier arm operators: high maintenance gearboxes, sprockets, springs, complex mechanical parts, and commercial grade or less components. All of HySecurity’s electronic controls and mechanical/hydraulic components meet higher quality industrial standards. Electronics are protected by extremely high surge-suppression (in case of lightning strike) and off er the ultimate in end-user-programmable functionality with an ultra-low failure rate. With few moving parts, StrongArm is designed and engineered for the longest, low maintenance, high performance lifetime.

Duty Cycle
StrongArm is certifi ed with a 1,000,000 cycle test and is specifi ed to run up to 2,000 cycles per day. StrongArms last for generations and require very little maintenance.

Hydraulics and Chassis
StrongArm operates using an electric motor driving a hydraulic pump and cylinder. It has few moving parts. Most parts are bathed in hydraulic fl uid and require no periodic lubrication. StrongArm’s chassis is uni-body constructed with heavy-duty, 10 gauge welded steel that yields a very rigid, secure housing, which is protected with catalyzed primer and polyurethane enamel paint for a resilient, attractive fi nish. The galvanized sheet metal cover is secured by a keyed, T-lock for extra security and vandal resistance.

StrongArms are available with a variety of barrier arm lengths, barrier arm types and cycle speeds. They can move up to 36 foot arms, come in side or yoke mounts, are manufactured with wood, aluminum, fi berglass steel, or aluminum/fi berglass combinations. StrongArm cycle times range from 2 seconds to 8 seconds to open, depending on arm size.

Controls and Troubleshooting
StrongArm features the most advanced, fl exible and robust controls in the industry. The Smart Touch Controller often eliminates the high cost of add on, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), providing on-board integration for even the most complex perimeter security applications. Programmable options include
vehicle detector reverse or pause only, bi-directional traffic (entrance and exit traffi c managed by one StrongArm), hold open for two valid commands to open, master/slave, and timer-to-close. Three user relays off er 26 programmable options, making it easy to connect StrongArm to any external access control, obstruction
protection, or security device and create complex vehicle entry validation, surveillance, and sequencing. Relays have normally-open or normally-closed connections.

• Various arm length combinations (10-feet to 36-feet) open between 2 and 8 seconds. See model descriptions for details.
• Available in two mounting styles depending on model: side or center yoke; and fi ve arm options: wood, aluminum, fi berglass, steel, or aluminum/fi berglass.
• Industrial grade mechanical and electronic components, including high tensile steel, over-capacity shafts and bearings, limit cams, and hydraulic cylinders.
• Rigid 10 gauge sheet metal chassis and 14 gauge sheet metal cover is protected with a polyurethane enamel fi nish over catalyzed epoxy primer yielding
an enduring, attractive appearance. Chassis tested to withstand a 1,000-hour salt spray.
• Rated at 2,000 cycles/day
• Eff ortless integration with HySecurity SlideDriver and SwingRiser for tough anti-tailgating operation.


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