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HydraLift, HySecurity’s industrial, hydraulic vertical-lift gate operator, is often chosen for multi-lane traffi c control applications because it securely opens a wide area very quickly. The HydraLift is also used where space constraints restrict the use of slide or swing gates, on applications requiring maximum security, or when seeking a low maintenance option for an overhead door system. HydraLift eliminates the need for expensive cantilever gates.

HydraLift 10 Vertical Lift, 1,000 lb. gate, 12” per sec.

HydraLift 10 UPS Vertical Lift, UPS backup, 1,000 lb. gate, 12” per sec

HydraLift 10F Vertical Lift, Fast, 1,000 lb. gate, 24” per sec

HydraLift 10F UPS Vertical Lift, Fast, UPS backup, 1,000 lb. gate, 24” per sec

HydraLift 20 Vertical Lift, 2,000 lb. gate, 12” per sec.

HydraLift 20 UPS Vertical Lift, UPS backup, 2,000 lb. gate, 12” per sec

HydraLift 20F Vertical Lift, Fast, 2,000 lb. gate, 24” per sec.

HydraLift 20F UPS Vertical Lift, Fast, UPS back-up, 2,000 lb. gate, 24” per secDuty

Standard, AC HydraLift models are rated continuous duty and cycles gates eff ectively in the highest cycle applications. It comes with a 200,000 cycle certifi cation. Often installed on transit facilities, truck freight depots, heavy equipment airport access sites, and industrial, multi-lane freight yards. HydraLift is also installed at the entrances of high end apartment and condominium complexes as well as skyscraper parking garages because of the signifi cantly reduced maintenance and ongoing costs which are common to traditional overhead door systems.

Industrial Grade Components
HydraLift is designed with industrial grade components, insuring decades of low maintenance, high reliability functionality.

Standard Confi guration
HydraLift comes with two hot dipped galvanized vertical posts, each containing a hydraulic motor that turns a sprocket and chain, raising and lowering a counterbalanced gate panel. Each post is anchored to a welded anchor bolt cage, which is mounted underground and secured with a concrete footing. The HydraSupply consists of two hydraulic motors connected in series to a hydraulic pump and motor assembly that is housed in a NEMA-1R enclosure (which must be mounted within 75’ of posts).
Price includes 150 feet of hydraulic hose, customer measured, and cut to length by HySecurity for your specifi c application. The motor is controlled by HySecurity’s fl exible and powerful, programmable Smart Touch Controller, also located in the separate enclosure. HydraLift comes with two standard 24-foot posts, creating an opening 16-feet tall when used with an 8-foot tall gate panel. The gate panel is not sold by HySecurity, though many national and regional gate manufacturers build gates to HydraLift specifi cations. HydraLift posts can be ordered in custom heights to fi t your traffi c lane, gate and clearance requirements.

HydraLift lifts gates weighing up to 2,000 lbs. (80 foot max. gate length) at 12 or 24 inches per second.

Hydraulics and Enclosure
HydraLift’s industrial-grade hydraulics allow for severe cold and intense heat operation (from -40F to 167F; -40C to 75C). All moving parts are housed in its vertical posts and NEMA-3R control enclosure. Hydraulic hoses are normally installed in underground conduits. Controls and Troubleshooting HydraLift features the most advanced, fl exible and robust controls in the industry. The Smart Touch Controller often eliminates the high cost of add on, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), providing onboard integration for even the most cmoplex perimeter security applications. Programmable options include vehicle detector reverse or pause only, outside loitering alert, synchronization with barrier arms or peripheral devices, and timer-to-close. Three user relays off er 32 programmable options, making it easy to connect HydraLift to any external access control, obstruction protection, or security device. It also makes it easy to create complex vehicle entry validation, surveillance, and sequencing. Relays have normally-open or normally-closed connections.

Smart Touch virtually eliminates arduous and costly automated gate system troubleshooting. Other gate operators require time consuming, step by step
access control, loop, gate edge, operator and photo eye troubleshooting to diagnose gate “failure to operate” conditions. Smart Touch off ers three exceedingly simple
and formidable troubleshooting tools: a real time or downloadable fault, alert and error log that reports tailgating, gate forced open, loop failure (with HY-5A vehicle
detectors), and many other gate operation abnormalities. The Smart Touch LCD screen reports faults, alerts and errors, and Smart Touch LEDs light up to show circuit status. Hours of costly and complicated access control and gate system troubleshooting are saved using HydraLift’s Smart Touch troubleshooting tools.

HydraLift models run on most available worldwide voltages. HydraLift is also available in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) DC model which continues to operate for 150 cycles during an AC power outage.

Manual Operation
HydraLift’s gate is counterweighted for easy manual operation. Simply pull and turn its hydraulic bypass valve and push the gate up.

HydraLift comes with a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

• HydraLift requires only the space for its vertical posts and a separate HydraSupply containing electronics and motor/pump enclosure.
• Combination HydraLift, StrongArm, SlideDriver or SwingRiser users benefit from cross platform part and functional components and software. This reduces
maintenance costs, avoids excessive parts inventory and eliminates complex, multiple-brand troubleshooting. Facilities personnel need to know only one simple operating system.
• HydraLift also off ers the benefi t of out-of-the-box security. It is locked by gravity and hydraulics, without added costly, complicated, and failure-prone external
locking mechanisms. Moving parts and hydraulics are enclosed out of sight and not subject to vandalism or destruction.
• Very low maintenance. HydraLift is exceedingly easy to maintain and outlasts other overhead doors by decades.
• HydraLift eliminates the need for expensive cantilever gates.
• Listed to UL usage class I, II, III and IV.



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