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NOTE: See our large selection of colors in the PDF file below
The colors in this charts are ONLY displayed to give the viewer an overview of the color and finish selections available. Due to variances in computer monitors (such as color resolution, color temperature, etc.), video cards, and color printers, these files should not be used to make your final selection. After narrowing down your choices, contact our office (see contacts section of this site) to order an actual powder coated panel. Available for the House Colors only.

               Cooper Vein                            Gold Vein                                                   Silver Vein



                     Peel  White                      High Gloss Available in White - Black                        Peel Black



              Fine Black Texture                                         Satin Black                                                 Weather Iron



               Earth Tone                                                       Patina                                                                  Verdigris



             Weather Bronze                                         Weather Brown                                              Weather rust


 Click on the image to view all the colors that are available pdf File
"Note" We are not able to supply a color sample swatch for some of this colors
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above is REQUIRED to view the downloadable files. If you do not
have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it HERE.






Coating material is finely granulated, dry
   solid powder 

Static charge provides adhesive force for
   dry particles                                                                                         
  Additional heat initiates a chemical cure
   reaction which forms a solid paint                                                        film


Applied electrostatically to a surface
   (typically metal)

Application of heat causes particles to

Individual particles fuse together to form
   a continuous fluid layer  


The fundamental principle behind powder coating is that materials with opposite electrical charge attract each other. There are two common methods of applying thermosetting powder coatings: spray and fluidized bed.

Electrostatic spray is the most common and versatile application method for powder coating. Powder is supplied through a delivery hose and spray gun, and is conveyed by clean, dry, oil-free air. The power is charged by the spray gun's electrode and, when directed at a conductive, grounded surface, is deposited and held to that surface by static charge. There are two methods of applying electrostatic spray; tribo charging and corona charging.

In fluidized bed coating, heated parts are either dipped directly into a container of fluidized power, or they are passed through an electrically charged cloud of powder, which is created above a container of fluidized powder.

ACRYLICS: High performance finishes with outstanding weatherability, ranging from thin film clears to very smooth high gloss colors. GMA (glycidyl methacrylate acrylic) acrylics provide the best protection for exterior applications. GMA acrylics can also be used as a topcoat for enhanced performance.

EPOXIES:  Ideal for applications requiring ultimate corrosion resistance, excellent chemical and mechanical properties, exceptional adhesion, and the ability to meet demanding specifications. Our epoxies can be custom-tailored to suit specific applications such as long-term dielectric strength at high temperatures.

POLYESTERS:    Available in TGIC and TGIC-free formulations. They are tough, attractive, and demonstrated outstanding physical properties and overbake resistance. They can withstand prolonged outdoor exposure and are often the coating of choice for lawn and garden furniture as well as other types of outdoor equipment. Polyester clear coats can be applied over a basecoat to enhance exterior performance.

HYBRIDS:  A blending of epoxy and polyester resins and are used primarily for indoor applications. PPG powder hybrids offer better penetration into corners and recesses (Faraday Cage Areas) and are less sensitive to overbake on curing than many other chemistries.

POLYURETHENES:Outstanding thin-film appearance and toughness with excellent weatherability. They are competitive with high quality liquid paints and demonstrate superior chip, mar, and scuff resistance at thicknesses as low as 1.5 mils. Their adhesion to properly prepared ferrous and non-ferrous substrates is excellent, giving them long-term resistance to humidity and salt spray. Depending upon the base resins and crosslinkers employed, they can be formulated to provide tremendous variations in chemical and physical properties to suit individual applications.


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