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Elite Miracle One - Elite Swing Gate Electromechanical Opener - Miracle One Operator

Elite Miracle One - Elite Swing Gate Electromechanical Opener - Miracle One Operator

The new standard in residential operator. Simply the best name in the industry, Elite™ has a reputation for quality, dependability and award- winning design to complement any gated residence or community. The Miracle-One™ is a DC-powered swing gate operator designed to deliver smooth, ultra-quiet performance. With state-of-the-art features like a battery backup, anti-theft alarm system, variable speeds and optional solar panels, this operator makes security smart. Even smarter is the ease with which this system can be installed. Backed by the most comprehensive support available, the Miracle-One™ is the complete solution for your customers.    

Click Here for Replacement Parts Miracle 1 ( Parts still available )


(( Discontinued reference LA500 see below ))

Elite Gate Openers Miracle One Electromechanical Electric Gate Operators ( 1 Miracle Arm with Control Board )

Reference LA500

Elite Miracle One Arm Gate Operators ( Arm Only )

Reference LA500

Elite Miracle TWO Residential Swing Gate Operators (2 Miracle Arms with Control Board)

Reference LA500

Elite Control Board for Miracle One ( MIRCONT3)

Reference LA500

Elite Control Board for Miracle Two (MIRCONTMS3)

Reference LA500

Elite Miracle One Electrical Specifications
MODULAR BOARD - Board uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions.
REVERSING SENSOR - If the gate hits a vehicle while opening, it will reverse a few inches and stop. If it hits a vehicle while
closing, it will reopen.
ELECTRONIC TIMER - Can be set from 3 to 60 seconds, or “pushopen/ stop/close” operation.
RUNNING SYSTEM - Uses a microcontroller with built-in “watchdog” system.
MASTER/SECOND OPTION - Dictates synchronized movement between two gate operators.
SAFETY LOOP INPUT - Anti-tailgating system uses a “stop only” method of operation. Will not work as a commercial loop
ALARM OUTPUT - Can be interfaced with any home alarm system. Alarm will sound if the gate is forced open.
SPIKE SUPPRESSORS - Electronic system is protected by spike suppressors.
ALTERNATE OUTPUTS - Sensor alarm, alarm system and magnetic locks.
RADIO RECEIVER - Pre-wired radio receiver compatible with Security+® transmitters.
ELECTRONIC INPUTS - Full-control system “push-open/stop/close”, safety loop, photocell, telephone entry, keyswitch and
alarm reset.
OPTIONAL SOLAR INPUT - The optional solar package allows the Miracle-One™ to operate as an independent unit with the
use of DC Adapter and Solar Panel.

Elite Miracle One Mechanical Specifications
INSTALLATION - Can be installed two ways: Open inside/Close outside or Open outside/Close inside.
CAPABILITIES - Max. gate size 15' wide, 600 lbs.
TRAVEL SPEED - 14 to 18 seconds 90° opening
OPERATION CYCLES - 100 cycles per day
DIMENSIONS - L 39 1/2" x W 3 1/2" x H 4"
TORQUE - 600 lbs. of torque
MOTOR - Low voltage 24V DC, 12 amp
FINISHING - Aluminum
OUTPUT SHAFT - 1" shaft

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