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Linear AP-4 Controller, Single-portal Access Controller Model Number: Linear AP-4

Linear AP-4 Controller, Single-portal Access Controller Model Number: Linear AP-4

Linear AP-4 Gate Access Receiver
• Ideal for gated communities, parking facilities, and industrial sites.
• Easy to set-up and use — up to 480 remotes can be programmed with a few keystrokes.
• Easy to add, suspend, and delete transmitters through programming mode
— no transmitter dip switches to set.
• Supports 480 block coded transmitters or 238 individual ransmitters/wireless keypad entry codes.
• Supports one fully supervised safety edge transmitter.

 AP-4 Manual

 AP-5 Manual

Linear AP-4 Receiver-Linear Gate Access Receiver -- $85.00


Linear AP-5: Multipurpose Wireless Access Controller -- $85.00


For sites that have a single entrance or gate, the Linear AP-4 is the ideal wireless-based access control system. It can be used to remotely activate devices such as gate operators, door strikes, or door operators. Based on and priced the same as the proven AP-3 access controller, the Linear AP-4 is small enough to be mounted within the gate operator. It represents a tremendous value over older dip switch style products that are priced nearly the same. The Linear AP-4 has a built-in radio receiver. It has a 250 foot range that can be extended even farther with an optional EXA-2000 antenna.The Linear AP-4 is compatible with all MegaCode format transmitters, which come factory programmed with one of over 1,000,000 possible codes, all but eliminating any chance of duplication. It accepts either 480 block coded transmitters or 238 individual transmitters or wireless keypad entry codes. For the latter, the Linear AP-4 can be used with Linear’s wireless MDKP keypad, which accepts user codes of two to six digits and transmits them to the AP-4 controller.

Two relay outputs are provided: one for gate or door access; the other for obstacle control using the MGT, the industry’s only supervised safety edge transmitter. The AP-4 looks for an hourly status transmission from the MGT to report on transmitter functionality, battery condition, and case integrity. If any of those conditions require attention, the AP-4 will alert the user by beeping once every five seconds.The user must then activate the transmitter twice in order for the AP-4 to grant access. Installation and set-up are simple.The AP-4 operates on 12-24 volts, ac or dc. It can be powered directly from the radio power output of most gate operators. Learning, suspending, or deleting transmitters is as simple as pressing a
few keys on the AP-4’s built-in keypad. Program data is stored in non-volatile EEPROM; data retention is in excess of ten years, even in the event of a power failure.

General Specifications
Relay: two form“C” relays, rated at 1 amp @ 24 volts ac or dc; one for control and one for obstacle
Display: three seven-segment displays to provide system activity and program data; LEDs used in conjunction with displays
to provide transmitter and radio activity
RF: integral 318 MHz super regenerative receiver @ -94 dBm sensitivity (nominal); receives MegaCode transmitters
Open Request: terminal input and button activation triggers the control relay
Keypad: integral 16-key membrane style keypad with tactile feedback
12 to 24 volts ac or dc, 250 mA maximum
-22° to +170°F (-30° to +77°C)
3.625 in W x 5.25 in H x 1.5 in D (92 x 133 x 38 mm)

AP-4 controller; supports 480 MegaCode block coded transmitters or 238 individual transmitters/wireless keypad entry codes, plus one MGT safety edge transmitter; 9-1/2 inch whip antenna; 3 feet of coaxial cable; barrel connector

a. EXA-1000: remote, omnidirectional; includes mounting hardware and five feet of cable
b.EXA-2000: remote, directional-type; includes mounting hardware and ten feet of cable
Wireless Keypad: Linear’s MDKP
Transmitters: any of Linear’s many MegaCode models


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