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LiftMaster GAPLM Gate Access Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom

LiftMaster GAPLM Gate Access Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom

LiftMaster GAPLM Gate Access Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom: GAPLM, GCU, RIFM1LM

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LiftMaster GAPLM Gate Access Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom:
The LiftMaster GAPLM Gate Access Starter Kit consists of: Gate Access Panel (GAPLM), Gate Controller Unit (GCU), and Flush Mount Intercom (RIFM1LM)
Easy to hook up, completely wireless, simple programming and ease of use
No trenching, no wires or conduit, completely wireless system
Entire system is battery powered using standard "C" and "AA" cell batteries, battery life up to 5 years
Not affected by lightning strikes, no blackouts
1000 foot range between Gate Access Panel (GAPLM) and intercoms, 2000 foot range between
GAPLM and Gate Controller Unit (GCU)
50 user code access panel
Gate Access Panel night light activated by motion detector
Tamper proof, full temperature range tolerant, no heaters necessary
Unlimited add-on intercom units can be used on single site
Manufacturer's 1-year warranty
Controls up to 4 GCU driven devices


Liftmaster GAPLM Wireless Gate Access Panel

Proprietary system, compatible with LiftMaster devices only.
Operates all 12-24 VDC gate operators that accept accessories.
Extremely Clear, natural sound quality. Adjusts to noisy surroundings.
1000 Foot Range can be extended using Wireless Repeaters.
Amazing Battery Life of up to 5 Years using 4 "C" Cell Batteries.
Overcomes Obstacles Using Repeaters and proprietary Multi-Path Avoidance Technology.
125 Channel Digital Radio Transceiver; Automatic Channel Selection.
900 MHZ Frequency, for better penetration than 2.4 GHZ products.
System Allows For Frequency Adjustment From Front Panel.
Internal Antenna cannot be tampered with.
Non Volatile Memory of all activity, Settings, Passwords and IDs.
50 Entry Passwords, each with user selectable limitations.
Intrusion and Tamper Detection and Reporting.
Temporary Password for One-Time use or Time Expiration.
Vacation Mode: Only the Master ID Functions.
Party Mode: Keeps Gate Open until further command. Can enter via telephone command.
Keypad Lights Automatically using Proximity Detection.
Microphone Sensitivity, Speaker Volume, Keypad Lighting and many other functions are adjustable via the front keypad.
Waterproof housing, Sealed Membrane Key, Conformal Coated PCB for a long, reliable life.
All functions are Supervised and Interrogated.
All Devices Generate Feedback Confirmation At Any Range.
Highly Secured, Automatic Key Generation for complete Privacy.
Automatic Pairing Design For Easy Setup.
Harsh Temperature Tolerant; -40 to +80 Centigrade.
Gate Access Panel Can Control 4 GCU Devices For 2nd Gate or Doors.
GCU Can Operate Door Strike or Garage Doors.
Mounts easily to pedestal or directly to wall
Built-In Site Tester: Tests the radio condition and connectivity, including the GAPLM to OTIU and Portable as well as
Repeaters if used, on command.
Low Battery Reporting to OTIU as well as relaying GCU and Repeater low battery low warning to OTIU; Calls the phones
with caller ID indicating which device has low power.
Do not disturb feature
Separate Open and Close command capability from the Telephone Interface Unit (OTIU)
Manufacturer's 1-year warranty

Liftmaster GCU Gate Controller Unit

A transceiver that not only receives command input from LiftMaster® control devices, but also responds
with positive/negative indication of action. The Gate Control Unit has onboard relay hold timing and dual
(N/O or N/C) relay output, making it perfect for not only powered gates and doors, but also for gate and
door maglock, electromechanical and strike locking systems. With less than 150 micro-amp current
consumption and the ability to run for years on 4 (AA) batteries, this unit is easily powered from your lock power supply or solar gate operator with equal invisibility. The Gate Control Unit programs in seconds, with a digital “push to learn” process that establishes a digitally secure encryption, making cross-talk and faulting a virtual impossibility.

LiftMaster RIFM1LM Flush Mount Intercom

Mounts flush into the drywall
Easy installation
No wires of any kind
Up to 1000 foot range
Up to 3 years of battery life on 4 "C" cell batteries
Can be used as an in-house intercom system and as part of a
gate access system when paired with the LiftMaster Gate Access
Systems (see link below)
Can operate the gate at any time, even with no visitor at the gate
Clear, secure, digital sound quality
900 MHz with 125 digital channels
Unlimited number of intercoms can co-exist per dwelling
4 voice channels, speak with any or all intercoms
Manufacturer's 1-year warranty

NOTE: The RIFM1LM LiftMaster Wireless Flush Mount Intercom is
designed to work with the LiftMaster Wireless Gate Access and
Intercom System, replacing or in addition to portable intercoms




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