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FAAC DSL2000 / FSL700 Slide Gate Operator -Residential or Commercial Gate Openers


FAAC 24VDC electromechanical pad mount sliding gate operator for residential and commercial sliding leaf gates. For gate leafs up to 1000 lbs (40 feet).

FAAC DSL2000 Slide Gate Operator
Gearbox 15:1 Fail Safe
Chain Size #41, 25ft
Chain height - front mount 11” from base
Chain mount options Front, rear, center
Travel speed 12 inches/sec
Gate capacity 1000 lbs, 40 feet
Shipping weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 22” H, 18” W, 15” D


Note: The Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.
Compatible photo cell
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FAAC DSL2000 / FSL700 Dura Slide Commercial Slide Gate Operator With Battery Back Up 1000lbs Gate 40ft Long -- $1,275.00

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FAAC DSL2000 / FSL700Specifications:

• Operates vehicular gates for high traffic and residential applications and is ideal for
custom homes, apartments, self storage, and other commercial applications.
• Multi-Function battery backup is a standard feature built-in and offers main power fail
and low battery control of the gate during a power failure.
• The 24VDC direct drive motor to gearbox design offers high power efficiency while
reducing costs and added parts.
• Built in soft start soft stop control offers a smooth, more quiet operation and is easier
on the gate and gate installation.
• Simple to install design offers mulitple prewired terminals, LED indicators, installation
handles, accessory shelves, and is easy to access and set limits.
• Wireless master slave is simple to install and eliminates the need for underground wire.

FAAC DSL2000 / FSL700Operators Features:

• Built-in battery backup standard
• Soft Start Soft Stop smooth operation
• Heavy duty gearbox and 24VDC motor direct drive design
• Simple, clean design with less moving parts
• Fail safe design with tamper detect feature on DSL2000 slide gate operator
• Release handle with optional padlock on DSW2000 swing gate operator
• Zinc galvanized steel frame with handles for easy installation
• DSW2000’s claim shell cover can be removed without removing swing arm
• DSL2000 uses a UV protected polyethelene cover with lift handle slots
• Easy access limits are simple to set
• Battery & accessory shelves
• Adjustable chain idlers for front, rear, and post mount slide gates
• Industry standard swing arm for swing gate applications
• Plug-in loop detector inputs: reverse, open, center (shadow)
• (2) AC accessory power plugs
• Built-in 3-Button control for easy setup
• Multiple terminal inputs for simple, clean wire installation
• Maglock, solenoid, external alarm outputs
• Power fail option can open or cycle gate
• Low battery option can open or cycle gate
• Anti-Tailgate & Quick Close features standard
• Wireless master slave option

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