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LiftMaster SW425 Operator, Chamberlain Liftmaster Swing Gate Operators for Residential Use

LiftMaster SW425 Operator, Chamberlain Liftmaster Swing Gate Operators for Residential Use

This DC-powered system features soft start/soft stop operation for mechanical parts protection via a prewired, solid state control system. Optional equipment includes battery-run as well as solar
packages that are configurable to meet your power needs. Designed to support a maximum door gate weight of 300 pounds and maximum gate length of 13 feet.

LiftMaster SW425 Residential DC Swing Gate Operator / Opener -- (( Discontinued reference to RSW ))



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Motor: 12VDC continuous-duty
motor with thermal overload
Metal frame: 3/16 inch steel frame
Optional equipment:
- extended auto close timer
- audible warning system
- battery-run system
- heater with thermostat
- solar kit
- concrete mounting stand
Recommended Capacities
Max gate weight Max gate width
Cycles per hour
300 lbs. 13 ft. continuous duty

Liftmaster SW425 Swing Gate Operator (light duty)
DC-powered residential swing gate operator
This stylish DC operator with exceptional starting torque features soft start/soft stop operation. This promotes
longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. The SW425 is capable of operating gates up
to 13 ft. long and weighting up to 300 pounds.
Includes a Liftmaster 412HM Receiver
Safety, Convenience, Flexibility
"Full systems" circuit standard
- Built-in fully adjustable timer to close
- Adjustable gate sensitivity features
- Fully adjustable inherent obstruction detection system
- LED diagnostics to speed installation
- Easy to use inputs for loops, sensing devices and control devices
- Supports the optional emergency power backup system
Liftmaster Specifications
Operator speed - 10 inches per second
Power requirement - Dedicated 115-volt AC (+/- 10V)
Overall dimensions - 16-1/2" H x 13-1/2" L x 14-1/2" W
Operator weight - 83 pounds
Accessory power - One 12VDC
ETL listed - UL325 Class I, II, III, IV

Liftmaster SW425 Standard Features
-  DC operator system - Powered by a 12VDC motor, this system provides exceptional starting torque.-  Slow
start/stop - Reduces the stress and shock to a gate system during starting and stopping. This promotes longer
gate and operator life.
-  Electronic braking - The electronic brake system adds substantial gate position control. Especially important
on high-cycles gates, this ensures consistent gate stops without coasting.
-  Inherent obstruction sensing - Internal system provides separate force adjustments for the open and close
directions. This allows the operator to be individually tailored for the specific gate installation and conditions.
-  External obstruction sensing - Input connections are provided for external contact and non-contact sensors,
such as photo-eyes and edge devices.
-  Control inputs - Control inputs allows the connection of a full range of optional external devices like loop
detectors, telephone entry systems, access control systems and radio receivers.
-  Single/dual gate operation - Allows operation of 2 separate gate operators in unison at a single entrance.
Assures consistent, simultaneous open/close cycle for both operators.
-  Timer to close - Adjustable timer can be set from 0 to 45 seconds. The unit will automatically reset upon
receiving and additional open commands.
-  Maximum run timer - Protects against damage to the gate and operator by limiting the unit's maximum run
time to 300 seconds.
-  LED indicators - Operator input, status and diagnostic LEDs simplify setup and troubleshooting.
-  Limit switches - All driven limit switches and limit nuts are fully adjustable, adding considerable convenience
to unit installation and maintenance.
-  External manual disconnect - External system allows the user to manually operate the gate easily and
efficiently during a power outage.
-  Post mount - Standard post-mount installation. Posts included.

Optional equipment
Battery-run system* - Provides complete operation of the gate operator, including all DC control devices and
sensing devices.
Solar panel system* - Provides complete operation of the gate operator through the use of combined solar
panel and battery system.
* Indicates option needed when ordering operator.

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