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Select Engineered Systems SAT3 With Hood, Emergency Call Stations - SES SAT 3

Select Engineered Systems SAT3 With Hood, Emergency Call Stations - SES SAT 3

SAT3 Standard Features:
• Central Station compatible (SIA Fast Format).
• Telephone line powered.
• 1200 baud modem for programming is included.
• Calls both central station and regular telephone numbers, in any order.
• “Push for Help” calls up to 10 pre-programmed phone numbers (16 digits each).
• Calls can only be ended by the called party, time out or call progress signals.
• Can be called for programming, monitoring, testing and controlled remotely (password protected).
• 3 ways to program:
1200 baud modem with menus
Hand held programmer
Touch tone telephone
• Senses full call progress signals.
• Location can be identified by Account number with Zone (SIA Fast Format) or DTMF.

 Spec Sheet

 SAT3 Manual

 SAT3R Manual

Regular Price: $695.00
Our Price: $460.13

SES SAT3 Emergency Telephone -- $ 495.62
SES SAT3F Emergency Telephone (Standard Flush MTG) -- $ 483.75
SES SAT3H Emergency Telephone (WeatherHood) -- $ 531.80
SES SAT3RFE Emergency Telephone with Relay Control (RELAY, Elevator Mount)" -- $ 646.88
SES SAT3R Emergency Telephone with Relay Control -- $ 576.00
SES SAT3RH Emergency Telephone with Relay Control (RELAY, Weather-Hood)" -- $ 605.25
SES SAT3RF Emergency Telephone with Relay Control (RELAY, Flush Mount)" -- $ 646.88
SES SAT3FE Emergency Telephone (Flush Mount Elevator) -- $ 493.88
• Central Station compatible with SIA Fast Format.
• 1200 baud modem included in all SAT3, SAT3R and SAT3D’s.
• Telephone line powered.
• When “Push For Help” button pressed, the SAT3 dials a preprogrammed
16 digit telephone number.
• Automatic redial when unit senses line busy, circuit busy or no
answer, (up to 9 additional phone numbers of up to 16 digits each
can be pre-programmed for redialing).
• Central station format: Account Code may be 4 to 8 digits, Account
Zone is 4 digits providing 1000 Zones.
• Dials extensions (works behind PABX), local or long distance
numbers, (any combination for redialing).
• Automatic transmission of account code or upon command DTMF.
• Location can be identified by Account Code with Zone Number in
SIA Fast Format or DTMF.
• Sunlight viewable high intensity LED’s for call progress indicators
(CALLING & TALK for ADA compliance).
• Optional Braille for ADA compliance.
• SAT3 senses full call progress signals: dial tone, fast busy, busy,
ring back, off hook alert, power denial and line reversal.
• Programmed talk time (1 to 9 or 20 minutes) may be extended by
the called party.
• Remote programming via (1) touch tone telephone (2) hand held
programmer (3) dial-up with 300/1200 baud modem with menu.
(Pass Word Protected)
• Auto answer and activation from remote location (Pass Word Protected).
• Remote hang up.
• Weather resistant housing.


• MUI (multiple unit interface).
• Receiver (SATDBRX) for SAT units.
• Stainless steel outer shell.
• Color and graphics upon request.
• POWER REQUIREMENTS: SAT3 is telephone line
powered only. SAT3R telephone line power and 12
volt transformer supplied for relay board.
• MATERIALS: Double wall aluminum shell with
stainless steel faceplate, (stainless steel shell
• MOUNTING: Surface, flush or post.
• TOUCH TONE DETECTION: Detects short burst 50
ms DTMF tones.
• FCC REG.: CCPW74F-17213-MT-E
• SHIPPING WEIGHT: Approx. 5 lbs.
+140º F (6ºC to 60ºC); Relative humidity: 5% - 95%

• Relay model available (2 Form C relays), transformer provided for
relay activation, (flashing light, camera activation, open a door or
gate, etc.)
• All other functions of the SAT3R are the same as the SAT3.

• These models also provide a second button that can be preprogrammed
for a single 16 digit telephone number for information or support.
• All other functions of the SAT3D are the same as the SAT3.

Standard -SAT3
Standard Flush Mount-SAT3F
Standard with Weatherhood-SAT3H
Standard Flush Mount Elevator-SAT3FE
Relay version-SAT3R
Relay version with weatherhood-SAT3RH
Relay version Flush Mount-SAT3RF
Relay version Flush Mount Elevator-SAT3RFE
Standard with information button-SAT3D
Standard with information button in Flush Mount-SAT3DF
Standard with information button with Hood-SAT3DH
Standard with information button and Flush Mount Elevator-SAT3DFE
Relay version with information button-SAT3DR
Relay version with information button and hood-SAT3DRH
Relay version w/ information button & Flush Mnt. Elevator-SAT3DRFE

• Walkways
• Stairwells
• Information phones
• Access control
• Surveillance with camera control
• Elevator control
• Computer rooms
• Parking garages
• Factories / Commercial use
• Retirement homes
• Condominiums / Townhouses

SAT3 5”W x 7 5/8”H x 2½”D
SAT3R 6”W x 8½”H x 2½”D
SAT3H 5”W x 9½”H x 2½”D
SAT3FE Fits selected elevator opening
SAT3R 5”W x 9½”H x 2½”D
SAT3RF 5”W X 10½”H X 2½”D
SAT3RH 5”W X 7 5/8”H X 2½”D bot 3¼”D top
SAT3RFE Fits selected elevator opening.
SAT3D & SAT3DR Contact the factory.



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