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Select Engineered Systems CAT10HF Access Control - SES CAT 10 HF

Select Engineered Systems CAT10HF Access Control - SES CAT 10 HF

• The CAT 10 provides a multiple name, backlit LCD transflective display that will scroll both forward and backward to display 10 names at a time. The CAT 10 characters are 1/2” (12.7 mm) high. The first two lines of the main LCD screen are user programmable. The display is clear, even in bright sunlight. Ideal for apartments, condominiums, gated communities or assisted living facilities.
• The CAT 10 comes with a back-lit blue keypad for easy night time use. The CAT 10 features the new SES HY-Lock® ultra-vandal resistant lock assembly that firmly secures the front door using a 1/4 - 20 threaded spindle with a tubular key.
CAT 10 HF Display Features:
• 56K baud modem.
• 13,000 event log buffer.
• The CAT 10 will control two entrances, without additional options (two relays).
• 2 reader inputs (ready to add readers with cards or transmitters and receivers).
• RS485 expansion port (add up to 12 additional readers and 256 relays).
• 16 time zones, 16 access levels and 16 access groups.
• Maximum phone number capacity is 2,700.
• Maximum card (transmitter) capacity is 16,200 (each with a name attached).


 Spec Sheet

Regular Price: $7,230.00
Our Price: $4,946.00


• CAT 10 display provides 10 names per directory screen.
Character size: 1/2”H. 10 rows by 20 columns.
• Display is backlit and visible in bright sunlight .
• Two wiegand card reader inputs.
• Two entrance control with 2 relays.
• RS485 expansion port.
• Database stores 6 credentials per resident code.
• 56K baud modem.
• 13,000 event log buffer.
• Clock calendar.
• Non-volatile memory.
• Off-site card/code capacity expansion. No chips to change.
• Dials Touch ToneTM or pulse.
• Programmable via modem.
• Remotely activated speaker and microphone.
• Programmable PIN lengths, 1 to 6 digits.
• REX (request to exit), alarm shunt and door sense input.
Multi-level surge suppression protects all
electrical connections. Must be grounded.


• Residential gated communities or commercial use.
• Apartment buildings / Condominiums / Townhouses.
• Retirement homes / Convalescent homes.
• Office buildings / Colleges and Universities.


• From 30 up to 2,700 phone number capacity.
• Up to 2,700 PIN codes.
• Up to 16,200 cards each with a reference name.
• Up to 16 entrances (2 entrances standard).
• Controls as many as 256 relays for elevator and
auxiliary control when adding the CATRLY8 (relay
expansion modules).
• 8 CAT units can be connected to one phone line
using MUI’s (one each) and all can be
programmed remotely.
• 13,000 Event Log Buffer (before wrapping)
• 56K Baud modem.
• Programming for Windows XP or Vista using
Selcom Secure.
• Code/Phone/Card capacities can be upgraded by
the factory, through authorized dealers only.


• NIC2, network interface card provides a TCP/IP interface
for network programming.
• OPTK4DR is a plug-on module for expanding the CAT 10
from 2 readers to 4 readers, internally.
• CATDR4 is a remote 4 door module that attaches to a
CAT system via RS-485 to expand it’s reader capability up
to 16 entrances depending on CAT configuration.
• CATRLY8 is a elevator / aux. relay module that contains 8
relays and can be programmed for elevator control, light
or HVAC control. Up to 32 CATRLY8 can be connected to
a CAT system via RS-485.
• RS-232 or current loop serial communications.
• Flush mount ring.
• Designer trim ring.
• Special finishes available upon request.


CAT 10 HF:
• Dimensions: 9 1/2'” W x 13 1/2” H x 3 1/8” D
semi flush mount:: 14 5/8” W x 18 5/8” H
• Material Used: Housing- 12 ga. structural aluminum;
Door- 16 ga.stainless steel
• Finish: Aluminum back box: Painted weather
resistant finish,
• Power Input: 18 VAC, 40 VA UL listed transformer
(provided with unit).
• Modem: 56K Baud
• Emergency Battery: 12V .7 AHR GEL CELL on
constant charge (for control of line voltage variation
and short term telephone support only, optional).
• Telephone Line: Standard voice grade RJ11C Jack.
• Mounting: Surface, flush or pedestal mount.
• Memory Type: Non-volatile.
• Tone Detection: Crystal controlled, capable of
detecting short burst 50MS DTMF tone.
• Shipping Weight: Approx. 15 lbs.




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