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Select Engineered Systems SAT3R EMTWM - Self-identifying Automatic Telephone Emergency Tower

Select Engineered Systems SAT3R EMTWM - Self-identifying Automatic Telephone Emergency Tower

“Self-identifying Automatic Telephone Emergency Tower”

SAT3R EMTWM Features:
• Single button push places an emergency or assistance call based upon up to 10 preprogrammed telephone numbers or
extensions, as well as activating the strobe light to attract attention.
• The SAT3R EMTWM can place a call even if the power has failed, as long as there is a live telephone line.
• Dialer will automatically roll-over to next preprogrammed phone number if there is no answer or the dialed number is busy. Total capacity is 10 pre-programmed phone numbers.
• After a dialed call is placed, the called party can terminate communication. Talk time can be set from 1-9 minutes or 20 minutes — all programmable by user.
• Security personnel can call SAT3R EMTWM for remote audio monitoring functions.
• Emergency dialer phone numbers can be 16 digits long and can work on most PBX’s.
• System location can be identified by the DTMF touch tones and Central Station compatibility (SIA Fast Format).
• A.D.A. compliant and provides LED indicators for both “CALLING” and “TALK”. Braille instructions available for the sight impaired.
• Emergency dialer provides an additional output relay that can be used to activate equipment like a camera. This relay can be activated by the Call button or activated remotely.
• SAT3R EMTWM is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel for years of dependable service.
• Multi-level surge suppression built into electronic systems.
• 2 year limited warranty.

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Regular Price: $2,795.00
Our Price: $2,131.88



• Automatically dials the first pre-programmed telephone number.
• Available relay (1) provided for relay activation, (camera activation, open a door or gate, etc.)
• Automatic redial when unit senses line busy, circuit busy or no answer, (up to 9 additional phone numbers of up to 16 digits each can be pre-programmed for redialing).
• Dials extensions, local or long distance numbers, (any combination for redialing).
• Automatic transmission of ID code (4 digit DTMF) or ID on command.
• Programmable retransmission of ID code to ensure accurate unit location.
• Central station compatible (SIA Fast Format).
• Audio circuit is telephone line powered.
• Works behind PABX.
• Dials out touch-tone including “8” pause or “9” pause.
• Visual indication for user call progress,
• 2 LED indicators (“CALLING” and “TALK” for A.D.A. compliance).
• Braille label for A.D.A. compliance.
• Call progress capability built in to automatically reset unit.
• Programmed via touch tone phone or at the unit with a SAT3PRGM hand held LCD, menu driven programmer.
• Programmable phone numbers and redial numbers, talk time, ID code, ID repeat intervals and relay perameters.
• Remote programming. (password protected)
• Auto answer and activation from remote location.
• Remote hang up.
• Weather resistant housing.


• MUI (multiple unit interface).
• SES telephone PBX for voice communications.
• Special color and graphics (custom order).
• Custom mounting brackets.

Audio circuitry is telephone line powered via standard grade voice line.
A 16 volt transformer is supplied for the relays and lighting. Battery backup provision and charging circuit.
All metal components are stainless steel.
Surface, column or base pedestal. Should
be mounted with the call button at 36” to
48” above finished floor. This will comply
with the Americans With Disabilities Act of
Detects short burst 50 ms DTMF tones.
• FCC REG.: CCPW74F-17213-MT-E.
• SHIPPING WEIGHT: Approx. 73 lbs.
Temp. –20ºF to +140ºF (6ºC to 60ºC);
relative humidity: 5% - 95%
12” Wide x 8” Deep x 32” High


• Parking garages and lots.
• Campus walkways.
• Corporate parking lots.
• High crime areas.
• Hospital parking areas.



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