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SEA Libra Full Tank Double Kit

SEA Half Tank Single Kit 

  • 1 Operator
  • 1 control board GATE 2
  • 1 Photocell
  • 2 Remote controls 433 Mhz
  • 2 Warning signs
  • 1 external receiver

Strong and Silent - The SEA Libra Full Tank has been planned in accordance with standards of silence,reliability, anticrush safety granted by setting valve for the max thrust regulation of the system, hydraulic adjustable brake in closing. New positive stops are available for a perfect alignment of the leaves in closing. Gates can be securely locked in the opened and closed position using the operators internal hydraulic system. Manual Release: The operator’s internal hidraulic locking feature can be released using a special key, in case of power failure.

Positive Stops Are Highly Recommended

 Spec Sheet

SEA Full Tank Kit Double -- $2,117.50

SEA Full Tank Kit Double - Pre-Wired Control Box -- $2,530.00

SEA FULL TANK - Hydraulic Swing Operator For Commercial and Industrial Use

Commercial Hydraulic swing operator for leaf length up to 23 feet
• SEA Total Quality: All parts are manufactured and tested IN-HOUSE.
• The hydraulic system grants high and long term performances.
• By-pass valve as an Anti-Crush safety system.
• Electronic slow-down in opening and closing (GATE 2).
• Electronic Reversing Sensor available on request (SAFETY GATE).
• Hydraulic Adjustable slow down (available on request).
• Mechanical Positive Stop available on request.
• Manual release with Key in case of power failure.
• Models with different pumps to obtain different speeds (available on request).
• Models Large or Extended for column mount.
• Duty Cycles*: 70 per hour.


12710160 SEA Positive Stop for Full Tank Brake (1 pcs) -- $68.64
12710305 SEA Positive Stop (1 pcs) -- $66.53
12710165 SEA Positive Stop for Full Tank Large or Extended (1 pcs) -- $84.48
23105012 SEA Heater -- $74.25
OIL SEA Oil in 1 Quart Bottle -- $30.62
16700055 SEA Electric Lock with Cylinder Kit -- $121.44
G-LOCK EMX Outdoor Magnetic Lock G-Lock 1200lbs -- $223.00
23105335 SEA Safety Gate (1 pcs) -- $83.95
12715070 SEA Post Bracket with Screws (1 pcs) -- $35.90
23105049 SEA Battery Back Up for A.C. Motors -- $781.00
23120420 SEA RF Receiver Module - Plug In 433MHz -- $23.76

CONTROL BOARDS - Replacement Only

2302a110g2-A Gate 2 receiver 433 Mhz and enclosure-- $285.12
2302A110g2PW Gate 2 pre-wired* receiver 433 Mhz and enclosure -- $681.12
2302A110g2-Ar Gate 2 replace only circuit -- $256.08

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