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Powermaster SJ Operator

Powermaster SJ Operator


Wiring Diagrams



Model "SJ" Jackshaft Operator

PowerMaster Model “SJ” operators are designed for use on Counter Shutters.

Supply PowerMaster model "SJ" Jackshaft type operator rated ½ HP, 115 Volts Single Phase, for use on Counter Shutters. Primary reduction shall be by heavy duty V-Belt Drive. Secondary reduction shall be a chain and sprocket arrangement. Reduction stages shall be arranged so that mechanism is self locking when torque is applied at output shaft. All reduction shafts shall be a minimum of 3/4" in
diameter, supported by bronze oilite bearings. Operator shall provide an adjustable torque limiting clutch.

Motor shall be instantly reversible, permanent split capacitor type, protected from overload by a current sensing or thermal type overload device. All components of the control system shall be UL recognized. Control of the operator shall be by a solid state control board and shall provide instant reverse motor wiring. A transformer shall be provided to reduce control voltage to 24 VAC. Positive chain driven, rotary type limit switches shall be provided to limit full open and close travel of door. Limit switch adjustment shall not be affected by removal of motor or by manual operation of door. Terminal strips shall be provided for connection of power supply line and
all control devices. Operator shall be wired for connection of a push button station, radio control, and obstruction sensing device without additional wiring modifications. Electrical components shall be installed in a NEMA 1 enclosure integral to the operator.

 Installation Manual

 Spec Sheet

Final drive chain shall be a #41 roller chain. Operator shall be capable of right or left hand mounting in either a vertical or horizontal position. Final drive chain shall be #41 roller chain. Operator shall be capable of right or left hand mounting in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Electrical Specifications:

  • 115 VAC Permanent Split Capacitor Motor with Full Overload Protection
  • Solid State Circuitry with Instant Reversing Motor Wiring
  • 3 Button NEMA 1 Control Station Included
  • 24 VAC Control Circuit Pre-wired for Radio Control, 3 Button Station, 1Button Station, Automatic Reversing Equipment, Automatic Closing Timer, and All Types of Access Control Equipment

Mechanical Specifications:

  • For Use on Counter Shutters
  • Heavy Duty #41 Roller Chain and Driven Sprocket for Final Drive Included
  • Positive Chain Driven Rotary Limit Switches
  • Mechanically Self Locking
  • Adjustable Torque Limiting Clutch

Powermaster SJ Operator Exploded View

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