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Allstar GSX1000 Commercial Sliding Gate Opener 115V

Allstar GSX1000 Commercial Sliding Gate Opener 115V

The Allstar Gate Star GSX1000 Vehicular Gate Operator or Openers will provide convenience and assurance to the ultimate users for many
years. It is ruggedly built of the finest materials and has been thoroughly inspected and tested at the factory. It has many features that will aid in the
installation and testing of the complete gate system. The GSX1000 is certified to comply with UL Standard for Safety 325.

The GSX1000 slide gate operator - openers is designated a Class I Residential Vehicular Slide Gate Operator and is intended to operate a
vehicular slide gate installed on a residential home, maximum of four single families in the dwelling, or a garage or parking area associated
with such a home. The GSX1000 vehicular gate openers or operators is also designated Class II (commercial location or multi-family home); III
(industrial location not intended to service the general public); and IV (secure or restricted access locations, i.e. airports and prisons). THE

Allstar GSX1000 Commercial Sliding Gate Opener 115V -- $1,799.00

Allstar GSX1000 Commercial Sliding Gate Opener 220V -- $1,995.00


  Spec Sheet

Note: The Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.
Compatible photo cell
More Information here

Because the GSX1000 (as well as gate operators sold by other manufacturers) is designed to start and move gates weighing as much as 1200
pounds, or more,---the Allstar GSX1000 openers is capable of producing high levels of force. It is important in the design of the total gate system
that designers, installers and users be aware of the hazards that may be associated with the IMPROPER design, installation and use of
vehicular gate systems and gate operators. The gate operator is only one part of a complete automatic gate operating system. As each location
and usage is different, a properly designed system will include all applicable safety devices.

Radio Control Transmitters
Standby Power Supply (battery backup)
Chain Disconnect
#50 Roller Chain
Drop-Out Lock (Model GS 1000 DOL)
Hi-Speed (2 Feet/second) (Model GS 1000 HS)
Photo beams
Electric Edges
220V Operation

Allstar GSX1000 Sliding Commercial Gate Openers
GATE STAR 1000                      
Allstar Slide Gate Operators - Features
Maximum Gate Length 45 Feet.
Maximum Gate Weight:  1575 Pounds.
CGA2K™ Technology
UL325 & UL991 Listed
Rated for Continuous Duty
Super-Efficient, Non-Slip Timing Belt Drive
Heavy, Key-Lock Steel Cover
Cam-Driven Switches for Limits
Built-In Solenoid-Actuated Lock
Keyed Disconnect for Manual Operation of Gate in Case of Power Failure
Built-In Maximum Run Timer for Added Safety
Built-In Adjustable Auto-Close Timer
Built-In Master/Slave Capability
13 Diagnostic LED's for Easy Service
Easy Conversion Right-Hand/Left-Hand Drive
Welded and Powder Painted Uni-Body Frame
#40 Steel Roller Chain

CGA2K™ Technology
Standard Features  UL325 & 991 Listed
Independently Adjustable Open & Close Inherent Anti-Entrapment System
Selectable Control by an Additional Operator (Master/Slave)
Adjustable Auto-Close Timer (off, 2-60 seconds)
Self-Adjusting Maximum Run Timer
Detected Entrapment Alarm
Test Mode for Installation Adjustments
Electronic (Dynamic) Braking
Secure-Safe™ Pushbutton Control (patent pending)
Factory Installed MVP Radio Receiver
Factory Installed Sockets for plug-in Loop Detectors
Separate Inputs for:  Access Control Devices (Pushbuttons, Radio Controls, Entry Systems and Loop Detectors)
Non-Contact Anti-Entrapment Sensors (Photo beams)
Contact Anti-Entrapment Sensors (Electric Edges

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