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Liftmaster TAC1 Telephone Entry Access Control System , Liftmaster Wired Entry System - Single Line

Liftmaster TAC1 Telephone Entry Access Control System , Liftmaster Wired Entry System - Single Line

The TAC1 provides wired communication and secure access control at the gate or door. Homeowners can use any touch-tone phone in their home to speak to a visitor, and then grant or deny access through their gate or door.

Hardwired for power and connected directly to the existing telephone line, the TAC1 greets visitors with a highly visible, backlit keypad, and attractive styling. And its rugged, tamper-resistant poly carbonate enclosure is engineered for maximum impact resistance without dents or corrosion.

Utilizing Security+® technology, the TAC1 can deliver complete independent wireless control of two entrances when paired with LiftMaster® Door or Gate Access Systems, or a LiftMaster Security+ receiver. This means that even if a vandal should break into the TAC1 enclosure, it is impossible for them to command the gate or door to open.

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The TAC1 is simple to use and allows the homeowner or small business to greet visitors, grant or deny access, or activate several system modes, all from the convenience of their touch-tone phone.

  • Call button: separate usef-friendly push button initiates a phone call to the resident
  • Digital voice quality: provides automatic sound leveling and background noise filtering for clearer communication
  • Distinctive ringing: distinguishes between a standard phone call and a visitor request call
  • Call waiting: allows you to answer a call from the gate or door while in the middle of another outside call
  • Call forwarding: allows you to greet a visitor, even when you're not home
  • Remote open: open two entrances independently from your home or office
  • "Party" mode: to open, and hold your entrance open
  • "Vacation" mode: locks the system down to administrator control only
  • "Intercom" mode: useful to make wired phones active for access in "cellular only" homes
  • Do not disturb: silence the telephone call mode for additional privacy
  • Entry codes: up to 200 4-digit codes can be set as permanent or one-time-use-only
  • Security+ Rolling Code Technology: provides seamless communication between LiftMaster door and gate openers
  • Flexible dual control feature: unit may be connected to two devices, such as a door or gate
  • 1-year warranty

Chamberlain Press Releases:

Chamberlain® Professional Products, the single source provider for secure, convenient, quality and stylish products for every access point, introduces the LiftMaster® TAC1 Telephone Access Control System. This new integrated access system enables gate and fence dealers to offer their customers a wired, single line telephone entry system that is equipped with the features most requested by today's consumers at the industry's most affordable price. Attractive yet durable, TAC1 affords dealers the opportunity to sell-in a telephone entry system that is easy to use, works together seamlessly with other LiftMaster access control systems yet is devoid of unnecessary "add-ons" or complexities, proving to be a realistic and functional solution for customers and a time-saving and profitable addition to any dealer's access control portfolio.

Easy to install, the TAC1 system quickly wires into an existing telephone line and features a tamper-resistant poly enclosure engineered for maximum impact resistance without dents or corrosion. The system also offers several innovative features that are high on the priority list for homeowners, providing them with seamless control of their property through the access points linked to this system.

For example, the TAC1 system features flexible dual control, which means that it can be connected to two devices such as a LiftMaster garage or gate access system or any LiftMaster product equipped with the Security+® receiver, and each entrance can be opened independently of the other access control device.

In addition, this system offers several unique "mode settings" to specifically meet the access demands of an end-user in any situation. For example, "Party Mode" opens the entrance and remains open for several guests to enter, "Vacation Mode" locks the system down and only allows administrator control to reactivate the system, "Do Not Disturb Mode" silences the telephone ring from a visitor at the gate for additional privacy, "Intercom Mode" is used to make wired active phones available in "Cellular Only" homes. Call forwarding, which allows the end-user to greet a visitor even when they are not at home, is also a key benefit to having a TAC1 system installed.

"The state-of-the-art, feature-centric TAC1 system provides the dealer with a truly easy-to-install and affordable solution to offer homeowners who want seamless connectivity and control of their access points, without breaking the bank," said Ken Roehl, vice president, marketing, Chamberlain Professional Products. "By offering a system that focuses on the most popular and practical feature sets at the most competitive price in the market, we are confident that we can help dealers to grow their businesses. In fact, the TAC1 system is strategically designed to include 80 percent of the features typically offered by residential TES systems of this type, while eliminating those features that make up the remaining 20 percent and are known to generate unwanted callbacks to dealers."

Backed by the proven service and support synonymous with the LiftMaster brand, the TAC1 Telephone Access Control System also ensures digital voice quality and comes standard with a unique double ring on the system's main telephone to distinguish between an incoming phone call or a visitor request call. Adapting to the needs of the end-user, the TAC1 system also includes call waiting so a call from the door or gate can be answered while in the middle of an outside call. For added security, the system also includes a tamper alarm, which is activated if a forced entry is detected; not only does an audible alarm sound upon activation, but the TAC1 system also shuts down for two minutes and automatically sends a message to the phone in the home.

The Chamberlain Group, Inc. manufactures and markets access control products including residential garage door openers, commercial door operators, residential and commercial gate operators, telephone entry systems and related access control products.

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