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Liftmaster PHN11, PHN21, PHN22, PHNRPT Relay Controls for Long Range

Liftmaster PHN11, PHN21, PHN22, PHNRPT Relay Controls for Long Range


Using proprietary Low Power technology, this product provides long range control of one or multiple devices, with the lowest power consumption of any system. With a range of nearly ½ mile and the ability to operate from AA batteries for years, LiftMaster Wireless Command offers solutions for any wireless control need



Liftmaster PHN11- Liftmaster Phantom Wireless Relay Control Singe Module 1-Channel -- Add To Cart For Special Pricing - To Low To Advertise


Liftmaster PHN21- Liftmaster Phantom Wireless Relay Control Singe Module 2-Channel -- $104.00


Liftmaster PHN22- Liftmaster Phantom Wireless Relay Control (2) Single Module 2-Channel -- $175.00


Liftmaster PHNRPT- Liftmaster Phantom Wireless Relay Control Singe Repeater -- $112.00


Extends the range of the LiftMaster Wireless Command Modules by 2,500 feet, or use to overcome obstacles, such as hill obstructions, stucco walls, etc.
• Operates on AA batteries for up to 2 years
• Can also be operated by external source
• Extremely lower power consumption, as low as 200uA averaged
• Waterproof housing
• PCB is resistant to moisture
• Operates in extreme conditions: -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)
• Digital multi-spectral technology
• 900MHz 125 channels
• Works only with LiftMaster units in the network
• Digitally secure; learns system

Commands are acknowledged and confirmed
The only product of its kind. When a command is sent, the receiving unit replies back with a confirmation.
• AA Battery Life: TX Mode: 5 Years, RX Mode: 2 Years
• Range: up to 2,000 Feet
• Output Timing Selectable: 1 Sec., 3 Sec., 10 Sec., Toggle
• Compatible with LiftMaster® Repeater for Extended Range or to Overcome Obstacles
• -R with Two Relay Outputs, 277V AC, 10A, UL-Rated
• -T with Transistor Outputs, 500mA
• Can Be Powered Externally, 8~24V AC or DC
• Receive Mode Power Consumption: 100uA
• 125-Channel Digital Secure 900MHz Transceiver
• Processor Automatically Selects All Channels
• Each Unit Can Be Set As Transmitter or Receiver
• “Learn” Features Store Site ID in Non-Volatile Memory
• Waterproof Housing, Humidity-Tolerant PCB
• Operates at Extreme Conditions: -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)
• Command Inputs Are Digitally Debounced
• System Sets Its Own Network ID Automatically
• Fast Response or Power-Saving Modes, Selectable
• USA Designed and Made

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