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LiftMaster DAILM Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom

LiftMaster DAILM Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom

LiftMaster DAILM-F Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom: DAILM, RIFM1LM, GCU

No longer available


LiftMaster DAILM Starter Kit with Flush Mount Intercom:
The LiftMaster DAILM Starter Kit consists of: Door Access Intercom (DAILM), Gate Controller Unit (GCU), and Flush Mount Intercom (RIFM1LM).

Easy to hook up, completely wireless, simple programming and ease of use.
No trenching, no wires or conduit, completely wireless system
Entire system is battery powered using standard "C" and "AA" cell batteries, battery life up to 2 years
Not affected by lightning strikes, no blackouts
1000 foot range between Door Access Intercom (DAILM) and intercoms, 2000 foot range between
DAILM and Gate Controller Unit (GCU)
DAILM is full temperature range tolerant and highly water resistant
Unlimited add-on intercom units can be used on single site
Controls gates, door strikes, garage doors, and any other GCU driven devices
More than one unit can exist per dwelling without interfering
Manufacturer's 1-year warranty

The LiftMaster Door Access Intercom is a State-Of-The-Art Wireless Door and Gate Access Control and Intercom System. Designed for total compatibility with all LiftMaster Wireless
components, this ultra miniaturized unit easily mounts onto any surface and matches any decor. The housing is designed to tolerate extreme weather for decades and the crystal stabilized electronics perform flawlessly, even in sub zero, as well as 100% condensing environments.  Other features include 1000 foot range and 2 years of battery life, the hallmark of LiftMaster's radio electronics design capability. Commands the Gate Controller Unit (GCU) wirelessly to open gates, garage doors, or electric doors.

LiftMaster RIFM1LM Flush Mount Intercom

Smaller version of the LiftMaster Gate Access Panel with many common features.
Proprietary system, compatible with all LiftMaster Wireless devices only.
Operates all 12-24 VDC gate operators that accept accessories.
Extremely Clear, natural sound quality. Adjusts to noisy surroundings.
1000 Foot Range can be extended using LiftMaster Wireless Repeaters.
Amazing Battery Life of up to 2 Years using 4 "AA" Cell Batteries.
Overcomes Obstacles Using Repeaters and proprietary Multi-Path Avoidance Technology.
125 Channel Digital Radio Transceiver with proprietary Multi Spectral design.
900 MHZ Frequency, for better penetration than 2.4 GHZ products.
Adjustable volume and microphone sensitivity control.
Can still use your existing transmitters and accessories for outside entry when used with gate operator.
Water resistant housing and PCB. Waterproof speaker, sealed button.
Works with LiftMaster Wireless Portable and Flush Mount Intercoms, as well as with the Wireless
Telephone Interface Unit.
Perfect for gates and doors, as well as in conjunction with GAPLM units as second entry point.
Digital, secure connection with patent pending learn function.
More than one unit can exist per dwelling without interfering.
GCU Can Operate Door Strike or Garage Doors.
Mounts onto any surface securely.
Manufacturer's 1-year warranty.

LiftMaster RIFM1LM Flush Mount Intercom

Mounts flush into the drywall
Easy installation
No wires of any kind
Up to 1000 foot range
Up to 3 years of battery life on 4 "C" cell batteries
Can be used as an in-house intercom system and as part of a
gate access system when paired with the LiftMaster Gate Access
Systems (see link below)
Can operate the gate at any time, even with no visitor at the gate
Clear, secure, digital sound quality
900 MHz with 125 digital channels
Unlimited number of intercoms can co-exist per dwelling
4 voice channels, speak with any or all intercoms
Manufacturer's 1-year warranty

NOTE: The RIFM1LM LiftMaster Wireless Flush Mount Intercom is
designed to work with the LiftMaster Wireless Gate Access and
Intercom System, replacing or in addition to portable intercoms

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